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The  PCC 5350G Credit Card Counter is the most advanced state of the art card counter on the market today.  It has been engineered with the user in mind and uses components designed to supply you with years of dependable service.  The ultra low power consumption and utilization of RoHS compliant components ensures a “green” impact on the environment.

A few of the highlights of the PCC 5350G Credit Card Counter include the exclusive “dual-off center” scanning, which can compensate for defective card edges; auto-focus feature automatically and continuously maintains cards at the correct height to provide the perfect focal length; and the ease of use by simply sliding cards in the front of the unit, relieving the frustration of flipping boxes over and avoiding unnecessary spills and lost cards.

PL12000 Card Labelers

The PL-12000 Card Labeler offers versatility, accuracy and speed with the capability to apply labels up to 12,000 per hour.

Labels can be applied virtually anywhere on the card, top-off first or bottom-off first. It is done as easily as flipping a switch.  Label accuracy is within ± .062” (1.6 mm).

Cards to be labeled are placed in the card hopper; the Pl-12000 removes cards from the bottom of the stack and shingles them on to the conveyor to maintain card sequence.  This function allows the user to add cards while the PL-12000 is operating.

The PL-12000 was designed with the user in mind, providing easy label reel installation and removal, easy to read displays, and years of dependable service.